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Steel wire

The steel wire is two spiral wires of brass wire, which are installed on the shaft of the wire arranging device. When working, the original wire is evenly distributed in a certain way, covered as much as possible on the winding drum, and the original wire barrel is stored or baked. After drying, it can be smoothly retired, it is a key component that directly affects the quality of the original wire.

Steel wire for pool kiln:

●230 wire diameter 5mm roving wire

● No. 140 wire diameter 5mm roving copper wire

● 150 wire diameter 5mm roving wire

● 120 wire diameter 3.5mm roving wire

Skills requirement:

●The steel wire curve is accurate, the surface is smooth, and there are no pits and other defects.

●The copper wire has good elasticity and is small in deformation during long-term operation.

●Steel wire material.